• Edsix Brain LabTM is a thought leader in offering Gamification of cognitive skills assessment and enhancement
  • First patented brain skill to curriculum mapping program for cognitive, social and life skills enhancement
  • strengthens Stimulates and strengthens 5+ Core brain skills to create a powerful learning brain
    • Memory,
    • Focus & Attention,
    • Problem Solving,
    • Visual Processing and
    • Linguistics skills

Imparts High Order Thinking Skills by teaching real life concepts needed for life skills improvement

Improves increased Attention Span, better Logical Thinking and Reasoning to foster curriculum       learning

Skills Ensure Enrichments

  • Consistent Concentration
  • Better Logical Thinking and Reasoning
  • Builds up Decision Making and Planning Skills
  • Confident to face Competitive Exams
  • Competence Bench Mark

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